About Us

Back to Earth is a family owned enterprise having begun as a small home-based workshop back in 1997, in the beautiful tropical island of Sri Lanka.

Our philosophy is to produce eco-friendly products that have the minimum impact on the environment. We therefore keep exploring new ways of making use of natural discards, up-cycled wood and recycled handmade paper.

We have a skilled team working on the production of our wide range of handmade paper items while we also work with rural craftspersons who create the unique handmade wooden product range. We are proud to work with this extended family who are dedicated to making each individual product special and functional.

Our Products

Back to Earth products make maximum use of discards from the famed Ceylon Tea and Ceylon Cinnamon Plantations of Sri Lanka, while also producing our own specialty range of handmade paper. We also collect discarded wood from factories and carpentries and up-cycle them into functional products.

Our promise

Our promise is to keep exploring new ways of making use of discards and throwaways in creative ways and introducing functional products which have a lesser impact on the environment.